Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Reading with 9 Lenormand Cards

When you do a love reading with the Lenormand cards you first might want to direct it. You choose the Heart as a significator. You suffle the cards and put them in order. One after one.

1    2   3
4    S  5
6   7   8

Now, it is time to interpret the cards. Even if I have practiced reading with the Lenormand Cards for a while, I am still not extremely sure about how to read them. The normal rule though, I know that you must, for a very detailed reading, interpret cards with each other. You must therefore start with the heart and interpret the cards around in relation with the heart. You then go on and interpret each other card with the cards surrounding it too, horizontal, vertical, diagonal.

Here is an example of a reading. The person who the reading is for is a woman, and she might be represented in the cards by the Lady.

Let's start:
Heart + Lady = You are in love or interested in love.
Heart + Flowers = Your heart/love is pure.
Heart + Letter = A love letter or message.
Heart + Tower = There might be some kind of coldness in your heart.
Heart + Flowers = You're love is beautiful. Love is a gift.
Heart + Book = Your feelings are not a secret anymore, or there are terrible secrets that you should know.
Heart + Roads = You are confused and might not know what to choose.
Heart + Horseman = You will receive or expect good news about love. There might be a romantic involvement with a stranger.

The Horseman + the Heart + The Lady = A new admirer that you might fall in love with.
The Roads + the Heart + The Lilies = You are concerned with the purity of the admirers love and the morality.
The Book + the Heart + the Book = You might reveal / somebody might reveal secrets about love.
The Tower + The Love + The Flowers = Your love is beautiful but your heart might half be of stone.

The Horseman + the Tower = there might be some coldness related to stranger. The stranger might be tall. The stranger might have a connection to some institution of some kind.
The Horseman + the Letter = There might come news from a stranger.
The Horseman + the Roads = There are choices to be made.
The Horseman + the Book = The stranger might have some dark secrets but that could be revealed.
The Horseman + the Tower + The Letter = there might be documents involved in relation to some stranger.
The Horseman + the Roads + the Book = The secrets of the stranger might be confusing or stopping you from taking a clear decision in your love life.

The Book + the Flowers = the secrets might seem dark but they might not be that bad.
The Book + the Flowers + the Lady = you might also have some secrets to be relieved but they are also beautiful.

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