Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Anchor - Lenormand

This card has to do with work and career and sometimes with the consultant's education. The education has often to do with studies at a higher level. At a deeper level, and depending on the surrounding cards, the Anchor, can reveal our addictions and maybe even obsessions. The card can appear when work is important for the consultant. When it appears in love, it can be a warning: Don't get too obsessed with love. It can hurt you in the end.

A few combinations of the Anchor and...
.. The Cavalier: You go around a lot at your job. You might be the mailman.
.. The Clover: Your work might be interesting for a shorter period of time.
.. The Ship: You might have to travel in connection with your work.
.. The House: Working from home.
.. The Tree: This might be a job for a long time. The Tree can even be associated with the whole life.
.. The Clouds: You will study more.
.. The Snake: You might not be entirely honest about your work or at work.
.. The Coffin: You might hate your job.
.. The Flowers: Creative work.
.. .................................. ...............

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