Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tarot Magic II - What is a spell?

A spell is "a simple act that combines magical power with a focused mind". This causes a change on the astral plane that will result in changes in the physical plane. There are four elements used in casting spell: candles, oils, incense, and flames representing earth, water, air and fire. In spell casting, visualization of the desired outcome is also important, because it fixes and binds the energy to the desired image. Symbolism is also useful. One can for example when finishing the spell casting imagine how a sphere of light is formed in ones own palms and send it in the direction of the desired goal.

When one does a tarot spell, you might add a tarot card to the spell: a major arcana or minor arcana card. When people do spells, they do them because they want changes in their love life, social life, money, career, education or location (either travel or move to a better place).

If you choose to use poems in your spells it is fine. You can use those that rhyme and those who don't rhyme. The most important thing is that you feel the poem that you are reciting. So, when you do a love spell, you might want to begin with a love poem, that you or somebody else wrote, and that speaks to you, in every aspect of you being.

Generating magical energy
It is important to generate magical energy for use in spells and there are many ways to do that. Examples are dancing, running, concentration, visualization, chanting, breath work and many more. For a simple spell casting one can use the following:
1. Setting the mood (with candles, incense, etc.)
2. Intense concentration (on the card)
3. Chanting (the words of the spell)
4. Breathwork (sending the energy out with a long exhalation).

 (from Tarot & Magic by Donald Michael Kraig,Mary K. Greer)

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