Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tarot Magic I - Basic principles of Magic

There are times in life when we really need to direct that intention in order to receive what we want. Therefore I was interesting in how you could use the tarot for magick, and I found a wonderful book about it. The book's name is Tarot & Magic written by Donald Michael Kraig and Mary K. Greer. In the book, the principles of magic are written down and they make sense.

1. Every action has a magical reaction: That means that we are doing magic all the time. Every wish and intention that we send into the universe is real magic. Why it doesn't always work is because we negate the magical act. How? Well if we want something really bad, we do a ritual or we send our wish or intention into the Universe. But the rest of the day, we spend our time thinking about what we do not have. Therefore we reverse it and we don't get what we want. Magicians are aware of this fact, and avoid thinking about the lack when doing magic.

2. Magic requires the creation, manipulation and direction of magical energy.

3. Creation on the spiritual plane, leads to creation on the physical plane. The astral plane is the plane of formation. Imagining what we want in our lives is putting the goal on the astral or the spiritual plane. Then we work for what we want to achieve meaning that we generate and direct the energy. The result is success and that is the essence of magic.

4. Find the source. Don't ask for the means to get something, for example the money that you need to buy a car or a house, but the car and or the house itself. If you ask for something in between, this will get in the way of magical success.

5. Magic is Magic. Even if there are many names for magic: white, black or gray, magic is still magic and works by the same principles. Magic in itself is neutral. Every action has though a reaction, and if you do something negative, it might get back to you.

6. Look for the third option: In stead of doing something negative for another human being that is bothering you, do something good for that person, that will eliminate the trouble he/she is giving you. Or do some magic that will eliminate that person from your life, for example to move to a better place, get another job, make new friends, and so on.

7. Magic is both a science and an art. Some people get the hang of it immediately, with no problem, while others need to train. Training makes perfect, magic can be learned. Magic is a skill that can be developed and used in many ways.

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