Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The World in Tarot

The World is a clear "yes", when you ask a yes/no question, and Death is mostly a clear "no". The World card is also fulfilment of a goal, or a stage in life, and another phase is about to begin. The world is also connected to travel, often long distance travel by air (plane). Recently i begun to notice that the World is also our means of interconnectedness to others in the world, the Internet.

It's difficult for me, at this stage, to say too much about this card. But i have noticed that, it does have a special meaning, that might help somebody get the feeling of the card.. as an end, or as fulfillment, it might mean something that "you are done with", something that is "completed" and nothing more can be done. It can appear in love for a person that is done with past relationships. If one hopes for a make with an ex - lover, but the World appears for the ex-lovers feelings, then it means that he/she is "done with you". There is not so much more that can be done there.. you might want to   think about looking elsewhere for love. It can also appear for a woman that has marriage on her mind.. and it might not mean that this woman will hope to marry soon, the card, might translate into "You are done with marriage"... But to be certain that the woman will stay solo, a Queen a Swords should appear.

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