Friday, October 1, 2010

What do you do when you only get bad cards?

There are times in our lives when the cards that we receive in a reading are bad. Bad cards means that negative happenings are about to take place in our lives. We don't like that. There are many bad cards in the tarot and most of them are swords. A few examples are: 3 of swords, 9 of swords, 10 of swords. Other negative cards are 5 of cups and a few cards in the Major Arcana (Tower, Hanged Man, Devil). Even if you will sometimes see a very enthusiastic tarot card reader being happy when the Tower shows up, there is still a risk of a loss or a struck of very bad luck!

How does one protect himself against such bad cards? There are actually 3 ways, and therefore hope is not lost. When you are in a certain situation and a bad card shows up - one of these ways might help you to change the future.

The first way is actually to mentally and emotionally deny that this card has anything to do with you or with your future!!! But you might have to be very sure when you do that. You must reject it entirely, and intentionally.

The second way is to see the positive sides of the card. No card is entirely negative: there are always positive sides. With 3 of swords you might finally find out who your enemies are. With the 9 of swords you might finally cry or have a chance to deal with your negative thoughts. Every Major card has something positive about it. The Emperor might restrict you but make you aware about the possibilities, and what roads are still open. Strength might mean that there are some tough times ahead, but you will develop inner strength.

The third way is to anticipate what is happening, and prepare for it, emotionally or mentally. You might be extra careful, you might avoid certain situations, and so on!

What you mustn't do then? You should NEVER IGNORE a bad card! When it shows up, if you ignore it, it won't go away. You should in stead find a way to turn it into a positive outcome.. 

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