Monday, October 4, 2010

What can you do with a wand?

I am trying to visualize the cards sometimes when I read, to see more then the interpretation I have given them. When dealing with lots of cards in the spread, there is always difficult to make sense of them. Therefore, some "old" readers that have never read books on the subject, do that very well. One might think that they have special powers, but they don't. They use the images in the cards and details in order to see more and how they connect to other cards.

So, when you look at the suit of wands, one might ask himself.."What can I do with a wand?"

With a wand... you can do many things! You can fight with it, your can protect yourself against real or perceived enemies, and you can lean on it, for support. With a wand you might also attack somebody, threaten somebody, show that you mean business or even make a small fire... 

Use the same analogies for cups, pentacles and swords.. and you might become a better tarot reader! You will uncover new ways to visualize what the tarot cards are telling you about the consultant. Imagine that the Knights above are different people, acting in very different ways. 

What happens when you give somebody your love  but they show up with a wand? Is this good, is it bad? Does it mean that the Knight of Wands is too busy and will pass you by? Or is he eager to fall in love with your too? Wands are about action, passion, and sometimes movement as well... almost all wands has to do with distances.

What happens when you try to give somebody something, and they come up with a sword in the air, like they were about to wound you? Did you do something wrong? In what way did you offend the other person?

Another way to visualize the cards in spreads with many cards (the gypsy spread as an example) is to try to see in what directions the persons are heading and where they look? Do they seem indifferent? Are they happy? Or do they turn their back on you?

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