Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trying to lose weight? Prepare mentally...

When a person wants to lose weight, it's not enough to eat right and exercise. You must also be in the mood and have will power, or you'll fail before you begun.
Therefore, it is very important to do some mental preparations. To strengthen the will, you need to really want to lose weight. If you don't really, then you probably won't succeed. Then again, if you want to, but every diet doesn't seem to do you any good, you might use the wrong diet for you, or you might "forget" that you ate the wrong types of food.

You need to know why you want to lose weight... If it is because you are worried about your health or about how far it will go, then I believe that you will have the power to continue. If you just want to lose weight because you want to be thinner and look nicer.. and because you HATE the way you look now.. then there is a problem! You might not succeed, and you won't appreciate you own efforts. Therefore, you need first to learn to love yourself.
I found that the easiest way to love oneself is to start showing gratitude for the way you look like. You might want to write down the things that you are grateful for when it comes to your body. Examples are:
1. I am grateful that I have 2 arms and 2 legs like everyone else.
2. I am grateful that I am so beautiful.
3. I am grateful for my wish to lose some weight.
4. I am grateful for healthy eating habits.
5. I am grateful for the wisdom of my own body.
6. I am grateful for every inch that I lose.

Now, if you are unsure about the methods you might use and need a few tips, here we go:
1. Eat less calories then you need. Avoid fat, sugar and if you can most things with lots of carbs. Eat mostly proteins. If you have to eat carbs, choose pasta. But, don't starve yourself.
2. You can eat one entire chicken a day, without putting weight on, but actually lose it, provided that you only eat chicken and salad or some other good vegetables like peas or broccoli.
3. Eat as much garlic that you can every day. It will keep you both healthy and give you less appetite.
4. Eat baby tomatoes as a snack in stead of candy or cake.
5. Drink lots of water. Avoid drinking sodas, even diet coke. Aspartam and alike are not doing you any favor.
6. Imagine that the food you are not allowed to eat doesn't even exist. Avoid all alcohol. Coffee is O.K.
7. Just because you lost a little weight doesn't mean that you now can eat whatever you want again, or "only today" eat candy.. Stick to your goal.
8. Take a multivitamin - multi mineral pill every day.
9. When you are in the mood to eat something that you are not allowed to eat, like candy or sugar, be grateful that you are so strong.
10. Be realistic, it might take months to lose the extra wright.
11. Keep you eyes on the goal.
12. Keep track of how much you weight, in order to adjust you diet or remind yourself that you are doing something wrong in case you
13. Do some exercise, walking at least. Get a dog that you must walk every day, in case you always forget. It's important for your health and not so much for the weight loss.

How to feel beautiful...
Look in the mirror and pose. Imagine that you are the most beautiful person in the entire world. Say to yourself that you are beautiful. Do it until you are beautiful and until you see yourself as beautiful.

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