Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Page of Cups - Need of Emotional Healing

There are things in life we handle, and there are those that are new and awaken strong emotions that we never knew that we ever had. The Page of Cups is exactly about that: Things affect us emotionally in such a way that we become too emotional and it shows: we treble if we are scared, become red in the face if we are angry, or we become too shy or too dreamy when we are in love. One might say that this card has to do with immaturity, but I guess that whenever we deal with new circumstances that have an effect on us we go through a process and eventually in time, we learn to handle the emotional reaction and in that process we become the King of Cups.

Remember how you felt when you fell in love for the first time, what your dreams were and what fantasies arose, and you get the feeling of the strong emotions that take over completely that are represented in the Page of Cups. You can also remember how it felt to be jealous for the first time, and how in time you learned to handle it (if you ever did).

When you receive this card, you must consider in what situation your emotions take the better part of you. Do you get too angry when you hear something that you might not like? Are you too shy to approach somebody that you want to speak with? Do you tremble when speaking in public? Do you get depressed or hurt easily when somebody offends you? What complex hinders you to get what you want?

The Page of Cups represents traditionally a child, that is naive, unexperienced and easily fooled. In time, everyone, eventually grows up and learns to master one's emotions and the social situations that arise.

Is the Page of Cups all that bad? I guess at it is only as long as it hurts a person. Because without the Page of Cups we wouldn't dream or use our imagination, and we wouldn't be able to love something or someone strong enough. We wouldn't have ideals that aim high either, and we would maybe not even remember our first love and how magic our emotions were, when we first discovered them.

Even if the King of Cups means handling emotions, and mastery over feelings and social situations, he can be a little shallow and it's difficult to get to the core of him. The Page of Cups is the opposite. The Page of Cups is some kind of certainty that what you see is what you get. Therefore you might say that the Page of Cups is also genuine and honest.

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