Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Knight of Wands - Advancement

The Knight of Wands, as any other knight, represents an action. With the Knight of Wands we move forward in life, and more often we make great progress in our career. Therefore, it is a good card for anyone hoping to have more success, because that's what this knight actually indicates: Career success.  The consultant makes some kind of progress, and more often, good progress.

The card also appears sometimes for a person that is eager to leave a place, and move forward. The meaning of "leaving a place" might be taken literary: the consultant finds the place where he / she leaves unbearable and wants to leave it as soon as possible. If in the present situation, the card indicates more often the consultant's wants, needs and wishes to go forth and move.

When the Knight of Wands is reversed, it means that there are obstacles in the way and the consultant might find himself in an accident or some other kind of misfortune while travelling, or the progress might be hampered for some reason.

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