Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Importance of being Grateful

A "Thank you" means a lot, both for the receiver and the sender. When we say "thank you" and we mean it, we are actually very happy with ourselves and with our lives. On most occasions, we are actually grateful that we met certain people in our lives, that helped us along, giving us some valuable advise or lesson, or even made us learn very important skills. When we think back, even most of our negative experiences has something to teach us, or forced us to take directions in our lives that we had never taken, if they had never been there.

Because we usually want more and because we forget to appreciate everything that we already have, we are in fact ungrateful and therefore frustrated, sad and unhappy. The effect is that all this negativity, expressed all day long or very often, is like a magnet, and attracts more problems. It also changes our personalities in negative ways and people find us false, or greedy, or too sad, or too bitter.. .

If we just focus on everything that we already have, it changes our perspective, and it makes our lives easier to live and enjoy. If we are also grateful for the way we look, our social standing, what we ware and the income that we make, no matter how small it is.. we are already one step ahead of the greedy, the one that hates himself, the one that always lacks but never has.

Expressing gratitude is like a magnet for the good things in life, that really matter: happiness and a very meaningful life.

Expressing gratitude is easy.. One has only to remind oneself of everything life has to offer.. Make a list now, and remind yourself of the small things that you already have and that actually matter and makes you happy!

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