Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hanged Man - Stigmatization

The short meaning of this card is: You are humiliated but you let go. You don't do anything to defend yourself. You don't try to change things. Probably because you don't know how to, or maybe it's because you feel too bad or suffer too much. The Hanged Man assumes that you got yourself some kind of social stigma, and at the same time, tells you how you react, and what you do about it.

Some of us might even find some kind of virtue in not reacting. Therefore the Hanged Man, is also the card of the martyr. Nevertheless this card suggests persecution, embarrassment, and other types of suffering, caused by other people's shortcomings.

Everything changes when the Hanged Man is reversed. The consultant stands up for his rights and defends himself, even if the situation becomes worse or the consultant enters a conflict. There is something negative and positive about every Major in particular, and therefore, it's difficult to say, that one way to react is better then the other. I guess that it depends pretty much on the situation. 

In a milder meaning, we often see this card in love relationships with no future. It might mean waiting in vain for the lover that never comes back or accepting the other person's bad attitude or strange behaviour in the name of love.

I think that it's appropriate to even say a few words about a very important topic: "How to handle the Hanged Man?" There are situations in life in which we for some reason become the targets of other people's bad manners, or gossip. We might have a bully at work or even a group of co-workers might bully us. It can happen to any one of us, and unfortunately, it's painful. Just sitting around and do nothing, won't help anyone. I would say that the first person you should try to begin with, is yourself. Let go of the EGO, and you'll find peace of mind. Realize that you are special and learn to smile or even laugh when somebody treats you badly. There is a wonderful and rich literature on the market for those who need help on the road, to find that inner confidence that one can always rely on.

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