Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fool in Tarot - Following one's heart

Societies are built upon structures that are very real to us. We know very well what is acceptable and unacceptable to do. In any time in the history, sticking out, or following one's own heart and exposing oneself to the dangers of the unknown has been seen a little bit eccentric and sometimes as a sign of insanity. 
Even if our myth and many tales for children all emphasize the man's need to get out into the unknown to save somebody.. the kingdom, the princess, the world or himself, and even if we still have heroes in films, all this thing about being a hero and following one's own heart, has been now placed into a domain of fantasy. 

Still we had some fine heroes, like Ghandi and Mother Therese, and what - at least these two - had in common - was that they didn't care too much about money or material things and that they followed their own hearts. They saved the world while seeking self - realization. 

Carl Rogers is one psychologist that stated that the highest level a person can reach in his/her own life is actually self realization. Yet, in the education system - we are taught that doing what one has to, is far more important then what the heart wants to do. 

The Fool is feared in today's society. He is the rebel that doesn't listen to reason and that doesn't care about rules and about what is appropriate or inappropriate, but follows the voice of his heart. He sees everything with curiosity and challenges everything that he sees. He dares to stand up for what he believes in and take the least likely road that anyone that cares about his future would do. He is creative, so he gets out of trouble every time. Doors open for him, that one never thought would be possible - He is a little of a superman and a Forrest Gump - all in one. Not everything is easy, there are roadblocks, but those are just challenges and part of his journey. 

In a reading the Fool appears when a person doesn't do what friends, family, society, school system, ideology, norms etc. dictates, but does what he feels is right to do at any moment. The smart thing though, that the Fool does, is too keep what he has in mind, for himself.. and that makes his success certain. It's not about doing stupid things when the Fool shows up, but to do one's best, and at the same time, understanding that there wouldn't be another person in this world that would understand. 

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