Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Empress in Tarot - Creativity

One of the best cards in tarot is the Empress. No matter what the question is, the Empress brings about success.

The tarot card meaning for the Empress is simply creativity and ingenuity that brings success. Because we can be creative in a smart way, in every type of area of our lives, the card is therefore a good omen for any type of question, because it means that - because of our creativity - we can make things better for us: in love as in work as in art as in problem solving as in business as in life in general.

There is nothing negative about this card, unless we have some type of enemy and it shows up to represent the enemy. In this type of situation the card becomes hostile and a threat to us, because the enemy becomes very dangerous. The Empress (our creativity) can be used in many different types of ways, and one of them is to destroy for other people or even to win over our enemies. Manipulative ill-intended persons can for example be very creative in their evil goals.

Reversed, the card might imply lack of creativity, destruction of business or works of art and no success because of poor creativity skills.

Even if the Empress in Tarot is often depicted as a pregnant beautiful woman in the middle of her own creation, representing some female archetype, that makes everything flourish and grow, it has the same meaning for both males and females when they consult the tarot cards. Men as women can be creative.

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