Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Chariot in Tarot

When you have a goal in mind, any goal, and your desire is strong, your feelings give you the determination that you need in order to succeed and even win over your enemies. You feelings become the fuel and it gives you the drive to courageously get things done. 

Think of  the warrior in this card (the consultant), in order to better understand it, as equal to the soldier who's patriotism and love for his country and fellow men, helps him fight the greatest battles in war and defeat the enemies, and make it home alive. In the same way, whenever we desire or love something enough, or even if you're fed up with something enough, you will find your determination in your feelings. Nonetheless, this card is therefore even connected to revenge.

The Chariot sometimes appears when you're about to travel by train (or underground).

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