Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knight of Pents and Knight of Wands reversed according to me!

I read today a book on this subject. How about writing a whole book trying to make sense of a tarot card combination. There was talk about elements, numbers and cards without numbers, and tarot card pairs that don't make sense to the reader. The question was: "Will I find love again?" The consultant was a woman.
To me, the answer is very simple and I would like anyone that knows more or that knows better to correct me if I am wrong and to explain why - if possible. But here is my interpretation, anyway:

The Knight of Pents to me, is the consultant of the cards trying to prove himself and herself. It's not so much about another person, if the position doesn't indicate another person, but about an ACTION done by the consultant itself. In this case, the consultant is a little unsure about herself  and tries to prove to the world including men that she finds interesting, that she is worth being involved with.

We know the whole story about the Knight of Pents. He is pragmatic. He is sincere. He is capable. He is hard working. But he is also a little boring and he is kind of rigid.

In the reading the consultant tries to show the eventual persons that she might be interesting in, that she is all that. So she will show them the negative side of behaving like the Knight of Pents.

The Knight of Wands reversed is also the consultant, thrown off the horse. She can't make any progress in her current affairs, and that leads to frustration and maybe even anger. In readings, we often see this Knight related to work, career and advancement, but also with the eagerness to go forth and change location: to a better job or sometimes, to a better place (something that shows in some card interpretations in some older books as either departure, travel or change of locations, or even related to alien lands) or to another state of mind or heart (or maybe into somebody's arms). When the Knight is reversed, the consultant might find himself frustrated and even angry (or thrown away from somebody's arms).

When we put these two cards together, given their meanings, we find that the consultant is a hardworking reliable person but her lack of confidence make her prove herself all the time. She wants everyone to know how great she is, what a trustworthy person she is. And she never reaches her goal. She doesn't make any improvement to her love life, because she is halted by this need to prove herself all the time. She might even end up on ignore, because the eventual partner who's interest she might win, gets bored or her. That in turn, makes her very angry or frustrating as the consultant would ask herself: "Doesn't he see what a great person I am?". Well I guess not!

For love to show up.. according to my way of interpreting the cards, the Knight of Cups must show up! The Knight of Cups is about relating. Without The Knight of Cups in the spread, there will be NO REALTIONSHIP BUILDING.

As the two knights are both related to the material world and to work and career, this might also mean that, yes - she would like a relationship. But her main focus and the perception of who she is and what she wants, is related entirely to her job and to her career.

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