Thursday, September 9, 2010

How effective are affirmations?

We have learned that affirmations help us. Affirming means more or less conditioning the brain to think in a certain way. When we do that, we co-create our own personality. We are not only "victims" of the experiences that we have in life or the circumstances that we live in, but we can also pattern our own brains in certain ways.

Having a low self esteem, not being able to carry out with a certain goal, means that our brains have learned that we should not like ourselves and that we shouldn't even try to do something, because we can't. When we start to affirm, we start changing the ways our brains think, and we change our attitudes and personalities.

A good affirmation is positive. A good affirmation makes sense. A good affirmation is supposed to have meaning for the person that uses the affirmation. The self help literature is full of different types of advice when it comes to affirmations, but also different types of affirmations.

Then there is the Law of Attraction, that tells us that: Like attracts like, and that if we want something or wish for something, the Universe will bring it to us.

However - no matter how much we affirm or wish or dream, we often also need to ACT in order to bring our wishes to fulfillment.  If we are bored but need to do something anyway, one might postpone it to the next day or affirm: "I will do it!" until the person will eventually act upon it's wish or goal.

But how is it when you want to achieve something in a competitive environment? We have a battle of at least 2 minds in this case. Will the person that has the best self esteem win? Or will the person that is best prepared win? The good news is that there is some scientific research done on this issue, that has clearly shown that in such cases the best way to go about is to ask yourself a question: "Will I win?" or "Will I actually manage to get all the answers right?" (a test) or "Will I take the exam?". When compared to people that only used affirmations, the persons that asked themselves a question, without putting any additional pressure on the mind or psyche, the ones that asked themselves a question, preformed better!

So, if you are bored with all positive affirmations, or if you feel that they do not give you the positive result that you are looking for, ask yourself in stead a question and see if it works for you!

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