Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Meditate

Meditation is something that once a part of your being, it will stick and you will be able to relax and meditate while sitting on a bench, riding a bus, waiting for the next train, or whenever you have a little time over and nothing special to do, for example while having a cup of coffee at your favorite cafĂ©.

It is easy to learn how to meditate. Of course, you can sit in the meditation position, with legs crossed, spine straight, but you can also lie in the position that you find most comfortable. It is important, while you lie down in the bed or couch to have place for arms and legs so that no part of your body is uncomfortable or tense in any way.

Start by making sure that there are no disturbing sounds or any disturbing noises. Crate a nice relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles.

As you lie down, start by breathing and thinking about your breath. Know that now, is time to relax and let go of every worry, every thought, every tension that you might have in your body and nervous system. Do not fight mentally or psychologically any feeling or thought or sensation. Just breath.

Now you can start the next phase by focusing on your toes and feel how they get relaxed. Work your way up until you reach the head. Focus on every small part of your body: "Knees are relaxing", "Belly relaxing", "Arms relaxing", "Fingers relaxing", "Neck is relaxing", "Spine is relaxing", "Forehead is relaxing" and so on. Start with the toes and don't leave out any part of your body.

When you are done, all you have left to relax is your brain... It's time to get rid of the thoughts. Once again, don't force yourself to think about nothing. Just imagine that you are in a very calm beautiful place. There is waterfall close by, you lie on the green grass. An old tree is there making sure it's not too hot.

Every thought that you now encounter is going into the waterfall. "Pen", in the waterfall. "Table" into the waterfall. "Money" into the waterfall. "Kids" into the waterfall. " , "Bills" in the waterfall, "Work" in the waterfall and so on. Acknowledge every thought and every thing that comes to your mind as many time as necessary until there is nothing left to think about.

When you feel that you are ready, just admire the grass, the tree, the blue sky, whatever as long as you like or just lie there thinking about "nothing".

Make this exercise your own. When you have learned to relax, maybe you won't need to relax your body before you start to meditate next time. When you have learned to clear your mind you will not have to clear your mind again next time. You will , when you decide to meditate just get to the no-thought attitude and you can focus on nothing or something beautiful - like a flower or the blue sky.

You can never fail. So don't think that you have failed if you can't relax. It means that you are trying too much.  Just relax, you are not supposed to reach any special state of awareness or unawareness. You are just supposed to relax.

With a little exercise you will get better and better at relaxing, whenever you need to.

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