Monday, July 19, 2010

How to find Inner Peace

Some things in life, are out of people's control. The only way to cope with it, is to try to find inner peace. Fighting against what one can't change often makes things even worse. The stress levels get higher and the health deteriorates in time.

According to Taoism, inner peace is self-acceptance. It can be achieved by letting-go. Let go of the past, let go of the future, live in the moment. It is not easy. But you know that whatever bothers you, might be seen through many perspectives and it's no point seeking lots of answers. Accept yourself, here and now.

And there is the Zen-Tradition. In Zen - it is okay to ask questions, question, until you reached the end of questioning. And to be sure, you ask yourself another question. It makes one tired in the end you will end up being fed up with questioning and then let go.

Inspired from Taoism and Zen, lots of self help literature about letting go are in the book shelves and on the internet.

On, one can read that the art of letting go is simple:
1. Accept things as they are. Life is never perfect, so why bother trying to make it perfect?
2. Believe that you can achieve inner peace. Make inner peace your goal.
3. Be grateful for what you already have in stead of always trying to achieve what you can't have right now.
4. Believe in yourself, accept yourself, live with hope that things will get better.
5. Feel the love surrounding you from every corner of the universe or the world.
6. Focus on the moment when you are stressed out. Do something that requires a lot of attention.
7. Explore the beliefs in every religion because they might have something to teach you.

A lot of the stress and worry in life comes from the fact that we actually live in a world that is very uncertain right now: in a culture of fear. Susan Jeffers has written a book about this. She claims that in this chaotic world finding peace of mind, will ensure you got health, you won't get disappointed easily and you will live with less stress and more joy.

There are, according to one of the article on 9 ways in which people might find inner peace.

1. Let go. Don't try to control things out of the control. Sure, there is a lot of bad things around the world. Don't deny them, but let go of them. You will feel less tense.

2. Don't wish, but "wonder". Compare the statements: "I wish the war will end" and "I wonder if this war is ever going to end." You feel less tense. Wishes, no matter how innocent they are, put pressure on us. But anyone can wonder.

3. Choose the path of trust. No matter what will happen in your life, you will have the strength to go on.

4. Have personal power. Say to yourself that there is nothing in life that you can't handle.

5. Find inspiration in people who have handled it before. Which are your heroes? What do they have to teach you?

6. See every situation as a learning experience. Everything in life, every experience, have something to teach us.

7. Find a meaning in what is happening. We need to try to understand what is happening, and that it is happening because something good might come out of it. Maybe it is just destiny.

8. Focus on the blessing. Be grateful for everything little things that makes you happy.

9. Get involved. Do something good everyday. Every little action counts.

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