Monday, April 12, 2010

Two of Wands - Keeping a distance from others

It is a card that is difficult to understand. Why would someone try to keep a distance from other humans? No matter why, the card simply shows that there will be a distance, not only emotional but physical between the consultant the other person that is involved, and sometimes from a group of individuals. The consultant might just not want to get close to others. It is as simple as that, and even avoid interaction with others. It might be about a strategy. No one is permitted to enter the consultant's space.

The card is a pretty bad omen in love because it will show that the persons will be separated not only emotionally but by a distance. Maybe the person has moved to another place, or sees that he/she doesn't get close to the consultant. Or the other way around.

The card is about power relationships on the level of interaction, at the micro level. Keeping distance can put the other, especially if the other wants to be close to the consultant, in a humble position, where he or she would more or less humbly try to get the consultants attention.

Reversed, the situation changes. Other people might try to dominate the consultant.

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