Monday, April 12, 2010

Two of Pentacles - Acting, playing, exchange of words or ideas

Have you ever wondered how "acting" would be expressed in Tarot? Well this is the card of the actor - the 2 of pentacles. It always shows up when somebody is pretending, is playing a role, it isn't serious. It is the card that appears when you are involved in some amusing social situation. Somebody says something, you say something back. An exchange of words is taking place, for the sake of the conversation.

It might appear in love. The relationship is not serious, if the card appears. It is a game, it is just acting, the person probably sees someone else at the same time.
Nothing is really serious about this card (except of the consequences it brings when the other person in the play is not aware of the game).

Reversed, the card has the meaning that Waite gives is: an ability to write poetry, novels or stories. It is one of the few cards that is positive in it's reversed meaning.

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