Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love and the Law of Attraction

When people first find out about the Law of Attraction, they start to use it for MONEY. They forget about relationships, friends, luck, happines or LOVE.

So, what does the Secret tell us about LOVE? How do we attract that speacial person in our life? Arielle Ford, wrote a book with the title "the Secret of Love" and I will here tell you what she is saying about attracting love.

The most important things first
The most important thing for you is to actually believe that there is someone out there, just for you.
The equally important thing is to know and really believe that  this person is actually waiting for you, as much as you wait for him or her. Your soul mate is looking for you! He or she has looked for you his/her's entire life! It is also important to know that noone is too old, too ugly, too poor, too meet one's soul mate.

It is also important to know, that you might have to give up some preconceptions about your soul mate. She/he might not be a specific age, might not have a specific look, belong to a specific income group, or ethnic group

What is a soul mate? 
The soul mate is the person that you can be entirely yourself with! No need to change the way you look, your personality or your habits. No need to try to impress. Your soul mate will just love you exactly the way you are! The same for you! You will love your soul mate unconditionally.

The best way to visualize your sweet heart is to draw and write. Create an artwork all about love. Color, shapes, pictures and words can be used in a beautiful way to attract to you the person that is your soul mate and that is looking for you. How is this person? What does he/she do? How happy are you together? It is never dangerous to imagine the best life has to offer...

He/She can be..
- A fantastic person.
- Romantic.
- With a sense of humour.
- The best thing in the whole Universe...
- The most beautiful person on earth (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)..

Get rid of the old
In order to have a fantastic love life with the soul mate that you will meet soon (a week, a month, an year), you should not hold on to ex lovers, and throw away all pictures that remind you of your failed marriage or love life. He or she wasn't your soul mate. It is as simple as that.You could also use some techniques that free you from the chains that a past relationship has left in you.

Repeat this affirmation 7 times
I am born to be loved, appreciated and respected.

How to believe that the soul mate really exists?
There many ways of course, but if you need help, you should try to use a metaphor.

You don't know exactly where the air and the water comes from, but you believe in them, right? You do have air and water no matter what your past experiences are. In the same way, you have love. Love is here in the Universe for you, and it has always been there for you. You are love, and the more you express what you are, the more you receive back from the Universe.

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