Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Celtic Cross Reading with Oracle of the Triade

This lies over you - current situation, what bothers you or what you want to know about:

Crossing influence - something affecting your situation or something that will happen in an instant:


This is under you (The root to the situation) - how everything begun or something that happened long ago but is still important:


This lies behind you: something that happened in the near past:


This is crowning you - what you think about, what is on your mind:


This lies in front of you - the near future:

This is you - this card represents you, how you are or how the situation affects you:


This is surrounding you - how other people are influencing your situation or how they will soon affect you. If it is a certain person you know is connected to the situation or question then this card shows how this person feels, thinks, etc:


Your hopes and fears. Your hopes or your fears about the situation, sometimes how you think that events will turn out:


This is the future. This is the far future or the outcome. To call this card a definitive outcome is wrong, it is rather what comes after the near future card:



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