Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When we meet the other half, we meet ourselves - so "Love yourself"

I have fallen into a Paulo Coelho mania. It is because there are so many interesting things that he writes about. His books are never just books. They contain interesting information and gives readers answers to questions that they've always asked. 

In one of his Books, Brida, we learn that our other half, or the soul mate, is the person with the spark in his or hers eyes. The spark in the eyes that only another other half can see.

Now, the only complication is sometimes that we can meet two or three others hafts in the same life time on earth. That can lead to suffering. Or we can meet none, often because:
1. We might only meet this person once.
2. We might not give any importance to the spark in the eyes or because of other reasons fail to recognize him or her as such.

How can that be? Aren't we supposed to have only ONE other half???

No. We have many. We don't know where they live on this earth. They could live in other parts of the world and we might have never heard about them. They could even be our enemies, because they live in other cultures and other countries. Our other halves on this earth suffer when we suffer on an unconscious level  and  we suffer when they suffer. The conclusion is therefore:

It is important to promote peace in the world, and extend tolerance. In this way, the level of happiness in the world will be greater. 

Why do we have so many halves? Well it is because our soul splits in two halves before some reincarnations.  We lived many times before and will live many lives thereafter. When we meet our other half we meet ourselves.

In every lifetime on earth, we must meet meet one of our other halves. The reunion with the other half is called LOVE. The Great Love, that keeps these two halves separated wants to reunite them.

Maybe this sounds familiar: You can only love somebody else when you love yourself!

That explains also why back in time there were only a few people on earth and we now are billions. We might therefore have thousands of other halves out there in the world.

The essence of creation is LOVE. It is love that reunites us with our other halves a second time. We might have had similar experiences in other lifetimes, and that's why we often seem to think alike, but we must now condense our other experiences again.

It is possible that we might miss our other half in a life time, but do not worry, we'll have another chance in another life. :) The sad part is of course that we will have to WAIT:

Well, think about it for a while!

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