Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two of Swords - "I don't care" tarot card

Two of swords appears in a spread when we close our eyes in the face of injustice, done to us or to others among us. We don't like what is happening, yet we do nothing about it.

In some circumstances, if we stand on the side of the one treated bad at work, we might fear exclusion.

In other situations it would hurt us too much to care, and it can happen when we ourselves have been hurt but or the hurt feelings are about to become evident, but we fear that pain so much, that we choose not to think, not to feel.

In both cases, we just accept what is happening without doing nothing about it or even show it. We are passive and we look like we don't care.

The card can also appear in situations when we are in love. When it appears as a card that symbolizes the person that we are interested in, even if we are not aware of it, the person might have some reason not to care. It  doesn't mean that the relationship is ending if it is good, but that the person accepts some circumstances that he/she might not like in the other. If the relationship is bad, and this card appears, the card implies that the person doesn't try anymore. Even if he/she would like to try, there is too much insecurity. It is up to the other person to make things better.

Sometimes the card appears, depending on the circumstances in situations when we are in trouble. If this card appears as a card surrounding us, it might mean that people around us do nothing to help us, they do not care or they don't want to care. It is up to oneself to get out of the situation.

Not caring about people is not always a good thing. One might think that it is better not to help, because the person might get stronger. One might also think that we don't have to help others, because the situation they created are their own doing. But it is our job, as human beings to be their for one another. If this card appears for you when there is a person around you that it is in trouble, think twice before you choose not to care.

When the card is reversed, the card goes even further. Be careful when dealing with the unscrupulous. You might get hurt yourself if you join them in their game, or do things that you don't really want to do.

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