Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two of Cups - A discussion between two persons

The Two of Cups is not a card that suggests love, but friendship and discussions. When it appears it simply means that there will be a discussion with another person and that this meeting will go well. The discussion will be pleasant. Harmonious feelings will be shared.

The other person can be whoever: ones child, mother, friend, teacher, colleague,  customer, best friend, syster. The other person can be a woman or a man, a child or an adult. To be able to know who the other person is, need an extra card. This will be discussed in another blog post about combinations of cards.

What about when the Two of Cups is reversed? In this case, there are several possible interpretations. One of them is a meeting that doesn't  go so well. The two persons will try to communicate but there are differences in the way of viewing things. The conversation might also lead to a fight or to insults, all depending on the other cards. Another is that you would like to see  a person, talk to her, spend some time with her, tell her something, but you miss the other person all the time. In this case, even the other person that you want to meet and / or speak with will like to see you and speak with you, but there are circumstances that doesn't allow that to happen.

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