Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tarot Pearls

I would like to introduce you in the world of the tarot.
It is easily done because you already are a part of life.
This is what tarot is about, our mundaine life.

Tarot is like a book. Every type of experience is expressed in one single card.
For more complex interpretations, and more exact ones for that matter, one would have to use two or three cards together.

Tarot is something I know about, something I like and something that, for being a card game and for being regarded as a superstition, has not let me down yet.

I realized in time, that every time "it didn't happen as the cards told me" didn't because the cards were wrong. I didn't know how to read the cards. Tarot has always told me what was going to happen and what is happening at the moment.

The tarot cards describe feelings, intentions, dreams, wishes, happenings, the future, the present, be it my own or somebody else's. One can get an idea about the future material state, if one would fail or win, if one would fulfill one's dreams or not and how the career would go. But one can never expect very exact answers.

You can not read tarot if you don't understand life, but you can learn a lot about life by reading for oneself and the other.

Many times, a reader might have to learn to summarize in a word or two a card, in order to do a meaning, but that keyword can include many types of experiences that have something in common.

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