Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Tarot Knights - Why male?

There is a confusion going on. Most tarot readers and especially beginners have a problem with interpreting the court cards, especially the Knights. When the tarot was created, they had to be male. Women lived in those times, a different kind of life. Persons that acted in the world, that traveled alone, that made a career, that had the right to speak, that were looking for romance, were all male. Women were passive. They stayed in their homes and didn't act that much. Women's life were about passivity and males life about action. In those times, women didn't act in the world. It was unthinkable.

Times have changed, and now a Knight can represent a woman or a man. Not any woman or any man, but a man or a woman that ACTS according to the suits element.

Knight of Cups is RELATING. The card means that the person who the reading is for is looking or will soon look for a relationship, for friends, allies. Without the Knight of Cups, there will be no relationship building.

Knight of Wands is making a CAREER MOVEMENT. The person that is represented by this knight is making great progress in his career. Sometimes this man or woman WANTS TO LEAVE a place or a situation.

Knight of Pentacles is PROVING HIMSELF. The man or woman represented by this card will try to show off their skills, their abilities or that they are to be trusted.

Knight of Swords is involved in a LOGICAL OR SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENTATION. The person represented by this knight will argument for his or her right (or for somebody else's right).

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