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The Suit of Wands - Short meanings. Work, Love life, the Military.

Ace of Wands: Change of location. A new beginning. Sexual relationship begins.
Two of Wands: Power struggle. A physical distance created between two persons.
Three of Wands: Expanding. Getting to see new place, meeting new people.
Four of Wands: A job well done. Success. The traditional marriage card but in our modern world this card would mean a steady sexual relationship rather then marriage.
Five of Wands: Conflict. Childish fight in relationships. Inner frustrations. Jealousy.
Six of Wands: One's reputation is at stake. A sensible situation. Be careful.
Seven of Wands: Need to protect one's job or position. Courage in opposition. Determination that leads to success even if all odds are against the consultant.
Eight of Wands: Communication through email, sms, messaging online.
Nine of Wands: Fear of attack. Being on guard.
Ten of Wands: A lot of work. A lot of responsibility on a single person's shoulders.

Page of Wands: Having fun. Jokes. Fun childishness in an adult. Enthusiasm about new opportunity and new things. Lack of seriousness in relationships, the person is just looking for an adventure.
Knight of Wands: A move upward in career. Good steady progress in career or business. Wanting to leave. Not bearing being in the same position or location anymore. Need of movement.
Queen of Wands: A popular woman, a career woman, a strong woman, a business woman. The situation is most often related to work..Things related to honor.
King of Wands: A leader. A charismatic leader. A woman's soul mate, boyfriend or husband.

About the Suit of Wands

The suit of wands is related to energy, drive, ambition, work, reputation, honor and even the sexual life of the consultant is expressed in this suit. This suit is also connected to war and the military.

Think about it: What can you do with a wand? You can use to defend yourself, you can use to make your way forward, you can use it in a battle. You can also use it as support, something you can rely on. You can use it in a fire.

The suit of wands and the love life

The Ace of Wands and the Four of Wands are especially related to the sex life (look for meanings above). 5 of wands is also related a lot to fights in relationships often because of jealousy. Page of Wands is the lover that is not serious. King of Wands is the soul mate, boyfriend, the man the woman wants or is with. The man represented of the King of Wands is often "taken", married or in a serious relationship. Two of wands comes up when a couple has split to two different locations and there is a distance between them, not just emotional, but spacial. Three of wands often means that the person is "looking", and is not really in a steady relationship and doesn't want to go back to the previous relationship in the past either. 7 of wands would appear when a person in his relationship is questioned and this person will defend himself. 8 of wands is about communication between lovers that are apart. 9 of wands appears when the one person is stalked or feels like being stalked in the relationship or by another person, or afraid of what might happen in the relationship, or what the other person would do. Sometimes, a fear of being caught because of a lie for example, depending on the other cards. The Queen of Wands is a very attractive woman. She is charismatic and well liked. But this woman will turn to Queen of Cups in a relationship. The Queen of Wands only represents her type of personality and work life. She is (as the King of Wands) a career woman, many times in a leadership position.

The Suit of Wands and Work Life

All cards, including those mentioned are related to the world of business and work in general. The King of Wands changes in this situation into a leader, a boss, the head of the company. The Ace of Wands is not so much about a new job as for a new project or renewed energy. New life in the meaning, that one can now start over with new drive and ambition. You might find - in practice - the ace of pentacles and the three of pentacles rather related to work (even the 8 of pentacles). The two of wands is about wanting to define one's own ambition, the person is not looking and not wanting collaboration. In the three of wands, the person is looking for new possibilities in business - new markets, new products. Collaborations are now possible. The four of wands announces the happy ending of a project. This can take place at a work place and can be the result of team work, but not necessarily. In the five of wands, the consultant might have to deal with competition or with different types of challenges - in one case the clients might not like the product, or there are different types of delays. This can lead to frustrations as well. In the Six of Wands, the business or the person related to it, might have "won" a reputation. The six of wands is not the "winner card" but rather in the eye of everybody and needs to be careful. In the seven of wands, the situation is very difficult. One is about to lose one job, or maybe his /hers skills are questioned. The job position at a work place might be sensible. It is a very positive card though because with all the adversity and all problems, the consultant will still be a step ahead or manage to defend himself. The eight of wands is communication at work that will lead to solutions and often to relief, but in 9 of wands, the person is very careful and afraid because of all struggle. The consultant might be wary of new difficulties and they often will also appear. In the Ten of Wands, the person makes a career the hard way. Much responsibility is on one's shoulders, but the person bares this with pride and will not give up.

The Suit of Wands and the military

You might find that the suit of wands is related to struggles of all kinds and the wand can also be a weapon. Because the suit of wands is related to physical energy (unlike the sword suit where the sword is a thought and the fight is related to communication and because of the persons moral values), there is a connection to war.

The Knight of Wands in this case will be the soldier on the battle field that will make a career. The King of Wands in this case turns into the commander in chief, the head of the state, the president, the prime minister, the leader of the troupes.

This suit is traditionally related to the military. The Wand people would be people of low class in medieval society that would still through the military come to make a promising career and get access to positions of power that were otherwise not available for the people of the lower classes.

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