Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Queen of Wands - A popular woman

The queen of wands is the woman we really associate with leadership. She is also popular and well liked.

She has fans, people speak about her in positive terms, most of the time. She is courageous and daring. She is a role model and many people, women and men alike, admire her.

There are many Queens of Wands in the world today. You could be one, your friend could be one, your mother could be one, your syster as well. But the best known are of course popular people like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and other strong willed women that become popular and have access to power through their occupation and hard work.

The most important aspect about the queens is that they are always women. But they are different types of queens in different types of situations. Madonna, in her relationship would, if in love, be the Queen of Cups, when she is attending her spiritual meetings in the Cabala she would become the Queen of Pentacles and there are situations when she would be bitter and alone, and in those cases she would be the Queen of Swords.

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