Monday, March 29, 2010

Paulo Coelho - About his Books

I am a big fan of Paulo Coelho. I read a few of his books and after reading them, I often became a better person. They are all interesting. Paulo, is, in each book asking people to accept God as somebody that actually does not have a religion. He also thinks that a person, in order to  appreciate life and what it has to offer must have the awareness of death.A person that will think that he will live forever will not do his best. And the most important thing for a person is for him/her to make his/her dreams come true even if it is difficult and one might get lost on the way.

The first Book that I read was called "Veronica must die". It is about a girl that is tired of living, tired of having it all, tired of all the routine that her life had become. She decides to commit suicide, gets rescued and ends up in a mental institution. She find out that she will die in about 2 days. But just a day before her presumed death, she falls in love....  It was a very good book, maybe his best.

The Alchemist is his most known novel. It is about a boy that travels through Spain to the pyramids of Egypt to follow his dream. In the ruins of an old church in Spain, the young man has a dream. He is supposed to find a treasure close to the pyramids of Egypt. On the way there, he gets robbed, loses everything, gets rich again, in only one year. He can do all that, because he has a dream to follow. But the treasure is not really where one would think it was.

The Zahir is about love, the love between two smart individuals. The woman suddenly leaves the man and he gets obsessed with her. The main reason is that she never told him why. Eventually, he will find her, but as a totally transformed man. She is not really the same either.

Brida is about a girl wanting to become a witch. In this book , we learn about the soul mate, and how we recognize him or her according to mysticism. We also learn some interesting things about Magic: the Moon Magic and the Sun Magic.

Those who don't know about Paulo Coelho or doesn't want to buy his books can download some of his books or parts of it, free on his webpage.

It is up to you to find out where you can download these books.

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