Thursday, March 25, 2010

Major Arcana - Short Meaning of the cards

Major Arcana

0. The Fool: A very foolish action that might or might not lead to something good.
1. The Magician: The man or woman that will make it in life all by himself / herself thanks to determination.
2. The High Priestess: A person will know your secrets.
3. The Empress: Pure creativity, art, creative solutions.
4. The Emperor: That which regulates, protects or hinders.
5. The High Priest: Moralizing or social pressure.
6. The Lovers: Difficult choices, triangle drama.
7. The Chariot: Using feelings as fuel to achieve a goal and eventually win against competition. Journey by train.
8. Strength: Difficult times ahead that will be endured thanks to maturity, wisdom and inner strength. A time of endurance.
9. The Hermit: Reading, writing or thinking.
10. Wheel of Fortune: Good or bad turn ahead, often determined of what seems to be fate. Lucky or unlucky coincidence.
11. Justice: Consequences of previous actions or dealings with the justice system.
12. The Hanged man: Waiting in vain, sacrifice, the victim.
13. Death: End of something, "no" when you ask a yes/no question. The way you look upon life will change.
14. Temperance: Something becomes better or worse because of compromises made. The middle way. Rebalanced situation.
15. The Devil: Helplessness. Weakness that leads to hatred and to frustration.
16. The Tower: An abrupt change, loss, chock or very good insight.
17. The Star: Hope, but not the solution to a problem.
18. The Moon: Hidden enemies, gossip about you that you don't know about.
19. The Sun: Seeing clearly, show business, the center of attention, a camera.
20. Judgement: Learning from a mistake. A reevaluation of the situation. A time to move on.
21. The World: Travelling far. Completion. The end in the sense of fulfillment.

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