Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knight of Swords - Logical argumentation

The Knights of Swords appears in a reading in a conflict situation. I won't tell you that this is a person, because mostly, as any other knights, it will show that a person, you, or another person for who this card appears, has a certain attitude in the world or in a certain situation.

In this conflict situation, you or the person the card is for, will use argumentation, and it is not impossible that it is a fight for what you believe is your own right. You might feel that you have not been given that special regard you deserve, your human rights might have been ignored, or you might have been treated in an unjust manner. It is now time for you to argument for your right - or your cause.  Very often the card shows that somebody is angry with the legal system or with the moral values and will fight against them in a good way: through argumentation.

Reversed, one would become patronizing. In stead of saying "According to statistics... " or "There was an ad in the newspapers" or "The scientists believe that..." one would simply say: "You are simply to stupid to understand what you are doing." If one won't use reversed cards, then the upright card will take on all meanings, and sometimes this Knight would use logical scientific argumentation and sometimes fight, and become a troublemaker.

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