Saturday, March 27, 2010

King of Swords - Ideology and Science

The King of Swords is indeed a very calculated, intelligent wise man. He used a scientific approach and is/ or tries to be objective. There is a coldness in objectivity and therefore any man or woman that uses an objective view on things, might be perceived as a traitor sometimes to ones group or even to our country. Remember Einstein, who, because of his opposition to war, had to flee Germany.

In love, this King appears to be very cold. Even if the King of Wands is the soul mate, sometimes, this man would appear as a woman's mate. It might mean that he is rational about everything, including the relationship and that he is not as warm hearted as the King of Wands, and that the relationship was built on in time. In comparison with the Queen of Swords, who usually won't get married, there is a great possibility for this King to be in a relationship or married. It means nothing bad, just that the man is highly intelligent. He looks on the relationship with objectivity and might not appear very emotional.

The King of Swords often has other meanings. It has a connection with a countries ideological regime, it's intelligence, secret police and to science. These often go hand in hand. There is an evaluation made even if there is an attempt to be objective about it. When the King is reversed, there is an evil part playing in this ideology and science. There appears the evil part and the worst part of state intelligence that might lead to surveillance and to stalking people that do not appear to give the dominant ideology their consent. The King of Swords reversed might also be the wicked evil science man or woman that does research on humans and animals leading to a lot of torture and suffering for the victims, that creates weapons of mass destructions and that might test biological or neurological weapons on it's own citizens or other countries.

In every day life, this King might appear for a person that is interested in science, that likes to think for themselves and that like to make his own theories about anything.

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