Thursday, March 25, 2010

The King of Cups - Mastering Social Situations

Some would tell you that the King of Cups is a person, a man, for that matter.
I would tell you that the card doesn't represent a man, but a social situation to be mastered.
The King of Cups appear mostly when there is a need to be mature and master your emotions.
Nevertheless the King of Cups is connected to psychology and the social sciences.

It is a good card that often means that the person the reading is for, will have to deal with a difficult social situation but it will go well.

The King of Cups in its upright position represents a man or a person very seldom, but refers rather to the social situation per see. There would be situations when one would connect the king of cups to a man (or woman), a person. When the King of Cups is a person, it is often a social scientist or a psychologist, a politician, a priest or a person that has the ability to influence others.

When this King is reversed, it usually takes on another meaning.
The King tends to characterize rather a plot, a set up, even a social trap that is difficult to recognize as such. The card suggests manipulation in a bad way.

If the King in the latter case represents a person, be it a man or a woman, it is the kind of person that would do anything to lead his followers on the wrong path. He or she would be stubborn about it and use all kinds of emotional blackmail to get the followers to do as he/she wishes.

The card, implies at the same time, that the situation that the consultant will get into will be tricky and that the chance of getting into a trap is big and should use critical thinking when he/she is interacting with others.

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