Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introduction to tarot card combinations

Before I tell you HOW TO do your own tarot card combinations, I would like to ask you to look at the combo above, trying to figure out for yourself what the combination between Knight of Cups and 2 of cups means. 

Knight of Cups: Relating to other in a good way. Looking for friendship and romance. The card is about an ACTION and not a person. RELATING is the keyword.

2 of Cups: A pleasant meeting or a pleasant conversation will take place.

First: Try to set aside all attempts to look for inspiration that will probably never appear, if you are not that kind of person. Don't make the tarot card reading more mystical then it really is. Using common sense and a little bit of logic, can get you much further. Put 2+2 together.

The Knight of Cups is not so much about a person, but it is more an ACTION. It is something that is done, accomplished, like RELATING TO OTHER PEOPLE. 

The Two of Cups is a pleasant meeting or a pleasant conversation. One of the two persons is always you. But this conversation or meeting is not long lived when the card appears alone. You can be going to the store and on the way there you might meet somebody you will speak with. The conversation would be pleasant but lacks endurance.This would be represented by the two of cups.

The Knight of Cups would make the conversation or the meeting a lot more important and significant: The Knight of Cups would transform the meeting into a RELATIONSHIP. The Knight of Cups is what happens between you and the other person.

Knight of Cups + 2 of cups = A long-lasting relationship will come your way.

Second: In some cases what card comes up first and what card comes up second might have some importance, but not every time.

If you take a look at the card above you might notice how the Knight of Cups is approaching. What if it was about to leave, meaning that the two of cups would come first? I would think that the romance is mature enough, it is there, while in this situation, with the Knight of Cups approaching the relationship is about to begin.

Third: Try to look at a film, listen to a song, and think about what cards would appear if one would "leave", "get rich", "be jealous", "steal money", "get sick", and so on.

Example: I met you last summer (ace of cups, meeting a new person), I knew you were the one (King of Wands, a woman's soul mate), you hurt my feelings with a bad joke (3 of swords, hurt feelings, insult) and after that we kept a distance between us (two of wands, often creating physical distance between people). I remember you with nostalgia (6 of cups, past happy memories, looking in the past to find answers), I waited in vain for you to come back (Hanged Man, waiting). I didn't care at first (2 of swords) and so on.

Fourth: Ask your cards what you are doing now and try to learn about what they are telling you. "What am I watching now?" when you watch TV. Or "What is sitting on my lap?" if your cat or a toy or a book is in your lap. "Where am I going now?" (e.g to the mall). Always use two cards. You will be able to find some interesting facts.

Example: You are watching a film, and then the Empress (creativity, art) will show up with the Sun (the spotlight, the center of attention, show business, a camera). Even other card combinations are possible, but some will strike you more then others.

Fifth: Only if you really want to, write your information down. If you feel it is useless, or if you don't understand the message that is told by the cards, don't bother - you will probably forget about it anyway. You can make a list of course, but if you really are a friend of your cards, you might not want to, because it will lead to a meticulous bad job filled with frustrations. But if you feel like writing it down, even if you throw away what you have written later - DO IT. You can learn through writing.

Always remember that:
Cups are about relationships and emotions.
Wands are about energy and work.
Pentacles are about money, health, education and security.
Swords are about ideas, communication and ideology.


  1. What about my question was, is my ex never miss me. has he got another already. Then 3 spread cards as
    1. Ten of wans
    2. king of cups
    3. XV Temptation.
    What does it mean ?

  2. Hi Sasi. Thank you for your question. I think that it means that it is difficult for him to balance between the other and you. So I guess that he might miss you a little, he thinks about you, but it's like you make him a little unsure and week and it's difficult to be around you or to pretend nothing between you two happend.


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