Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Relaxation Meditation music - Karunesh

"I want to go beyond the limits and barriers separating different cultures, mixing different music styles and let them flow and dance together. Music is the one language in the world that everybody understands, across all cultures, religions and beliefs - music for body, heart and soul. " - Karunesh

If you like great music, world music or are looking for the kind of music that will take you to different hights, in stead of making you feel dozy or even depressed, you should choose Karunesh. His rhythms and sounds come from all kinds of cultures and the blends of sounds are really good for one's soul.

Here is a taste of it. I don't know how to put sound on my blog so I have to use a you tube video. No need to look at the pictures, just enjoy the sound.

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