Saturday, March 27, 2010

Five of Swords - Moral disgrace, a criminal act

Five of Swords is traditionally the card of moral disgrace. The person in the card is a criminal or does not do the right thing. You might find some situations when you can't follow the rules because you deal with a difficult situation in itself, so you might need to cheat on somebody to get what you want. But in most cases this card implies that there is a moral cowardliness. The person chooses the easy path to success and avoids doing the right thing. A 5 of swords is a criminal or might be perceived as a criminal. Our views often are important for the card, that tell us what we think or how we view things, or how others view us, but this would be not necessarily the truth.

Another card in the spread would tell more of what kind of criminal act is done. With another sword, there might be some moral crime. With a cup, there might be emotional blackmail or false love in order to gain what you want. With a wand, there is a connection to work. With a pentacle, there is a connection to money.

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