Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Five of Cups - Remorse and Guilt

We look at the tarot cards with wonder. We can't read them because we think there is something more mystical about them then there really is.

Therefore, I will use real life images to help my readers once and for all connect the tarot cards to real life happenings. 

If you were to be exposed to the picture of the man in the picture at your left, you would see that this man bears a problem. He sure is disspointed with something, he feels remorse, he has failed.

 We don't know. 

It is the same with the Five of Cups card. 
We know that the person is disspointed, but we have no clue whatsoever why.

But if we knew more about him, we would of course know why. He could be a student that has not passed the exam. He could be a person who's relationship has failed or he could be a chess player that didn't win this time. 

This card is just a piece in the puzzle of life. 
The card often suggests that the person will learn from the mistake he/she made and would have better luck next time. 

Cups are always about feelings. 5 of cups IS a negative card about remorse, guilt; The person is disappointed, and the thoughts are always connected to "I should have seen it coming" or "I should have payed attention" or "I should have told the truth" or "I shouldn't have told the truth" depending on the circumstances. 

But wait  a moment: When the person does this - he or she identifies what the problem of his or hers failure was and will do better next time. Therefore the card always promises a second chance. 

Navratilova disappointed after loss in Prague: In this case we know why. She is a tennis player and the event was broadcasted on TV. 

Navratilova Winning: Her loss doesn't mean that she will lose all the time in the future or that she would give up.

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