Friday, March 26, 2010

Ace of Cups - New Acquaintance

There is a card in the tarot deck that tells the consultant that there will be a new person entering his/her life. It is not someone that the consultant has met before, and if the consultant knows the person then many years have gone since they first met, and even then, they didn't really know each other.

That card is the Ace of Cups, a wonderful card, but not in every situation.

The Ace of Cups in the wrong context will get a negative meaning to that event even if the card is upright. If a person asks a question that is related to something else then social life, there is a small chance that the ace of cups might not really fit in there and there is a chance that will happen events that will disturb the consultant from his path either he/she wants it or not.

Some readers would welcome an Ace of Cups in a work context, or in any other spread, but other readers, among which I, would say that in a work context you would like to see pentacles or wands and not cups.

But in the right context, the Ace of Cups will mean that the consultant will know a pleasant person and that this person can be anyone of any gender and any age and that this person will be nice.

If the Ace of Cups is reversed, then the new person that enters the consultant's life can be dangerous or can harm the consultant in some way, even if this stranger might seem pleasant at the first glance. When the ace of cups then appears in a spread and it is reversed, you should be careful when you meet strangers, and if you like them a lot, you could consult the cards about the new person entering your life to see if the new person presents any danger.  An extra card could tell you more of course.

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